Nicaragua Mission Trip 2017- The Introduction

It’s hard to believe that in only 2 days our missionary team from First Baptist Church Kansas City will be in Nicaragua. Where did time the time go?  Months of planning, anticipation, and preparation will finally culminate into a week packed with sanitation and health service activities that we hope will make lasting changes to a small community.

After a short stay in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, we will be traveling to a community in San Onofre in the middle of the country. This area is known as the “rolling hills” but in recent years has suffered from a severe drought. The majority of people in this  rural community make less than $2 a day. Most men from this area work as subsistence farmers or day laborers and work off the land harvesting corn and beans. Men looking for differing work options travel to Costa Rica. Women in the community take care of the children, cook, clean and are responsible for gathering water. The community has a total of 131 families and a total population of 521 residents.

From January 8 to the 16th, our team will be installing water filters in homes without clean water in the mornings. Along with the installation, we will be educating families on how to use the filters and safely store the clean water. In the afternoons we will conduct a vacation bible school for the community children and a general nutrition workshop.

In our nutrition workshop we will be weighing and measuring babies and children, monitoring for anemia, and teaching parents about healthy food choices for their children. The goal of the week long workshop will be to not only improve the immediate nutritional state of our participants, but to work towards long-term anemia and malnutrition prevention.

In addition to the nutritional workshop, we will be holding a vacation bible school for the children of the community. It will include songs and activities that reinforce the importance of healthy hygiene habits like hand washing to prevent the spread of disease.

This trip could not have been possible without the help of our church. Because of the churches donations, we were able to carry with us 33 layettes for mothers who complete the prenatal education and deliver their baby in a hospital. Also 72 wash kits were made for the children that attend the vacation bible school. We also brought 8 boxes of lancets, 1 box of bandaids, Tylenol, ibuprofen, vitamin  D3, calcium tablets, multivitamins, children’s vitamins and sharpies. 

No one should underestimate the amount of change that can be made in one week. Though our stay is sure to include many challenges, we will not fear because God is watching over us. He knows our intention of doing good for this community and will help us expand his kingdom.

Our team includes: Pastor Stephen Jones, Mariko Prigel, James Prigel, Daichi Tadokoro,  Joseph Cooper, Karen Foster, Diana Parker, Margo Humenczuk, Bill Humenczuk, and Karen Foster.

As we embark on our journey, please keep us in your prayers.


“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices, God is pleased.”   Hebrews 13:16 




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